Global Bugs at “Sustainability Labs” with the Swedish Institute

Around 60 Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP) Asia alumni gathered to exchange ideas, challenge their perspectives, and explore concrete collaborations.

During the SIMP Asia alumni workshops held in Bangkok, Stefan Jarlhem, Co-Founder of Global Bugs, shared his insights on the journey of introducing a new sustainable protein business using crickets in Asia. Mr. Jarlhem’s presentation described the challenges and opportunities of creating a sustainable food source while promoting environmental sustainability. His talk was well-received by the participants, and provided valuable insights into the practical aspects of promoting sustainability in the business world.

In addition to Mr. Jarlhem’s presentation, the workshops featured other insightful speakers, such as locally based sustainability thought-leader Mattias Goldmann, who talked about using crises as opportunities for change, and Arthit Chandhansu, who shared her story of increasing gender equality in the workplace. In India, the workshops featured Kiran Bedi, a well-known former governor and author on fearless governance, and Susanne Pulverer, the CEO of IKEA India, who discussed IKEA’s sustainable supply chain in an Indian context. Other speakers included Jaideep Gokhale, a former vice president of Tetra Pak India, who shared his journey of pushing environmental sustainability to the next level, and Sumant Sood, Head of Innovation Titan, who shared his experience of successfully pushing the Indian jewellery industry to improve working conditions.

Overall, the workshops provided a platform for approximately 60 SIMP Asia alumni to exchange ideas, challenge their perspectives, and explore opportunities for collaboration. The alumni participated in interactive sessions exploring the social and environmental aspects of sustainability and leadership, and spent the afternoons discussing topics of interest and generating concrete ideas for future collaborations. The participants expressed their appreciation for the event, describing it as a “super energizing Saturday last week, filled with insights, great people and conversations around sustainability challenges and opportunities.”

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