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Global Bugs Asia signing MOU with Global Food Parks of Sweden 

Cricket Powder Production in Vastervik  

Cricket powder production in Vastervik. We are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Global Bugs Asia (GBA) and Global Food Parks AB (GFP) with the objective to mutually contribute and take part in the construction of 5 EntoFarms to be a part of the circular economy project to be constructed outside Ankarsrum in Vastervik municipality. municipalityMalmoeSeptember 15, 2022

On an area corresponding to 2×1 kilometers, a solar park of 30-50 hectares, greenhouses for tomato cultivation of 8+8 hectares, an indoor-based salmon farm, and at least 5 EntoFarms for cricket powder production. Fully developed, the salmon farm will reach an annual cricket protein production of around 10,000 tonnes and the EntoFarms will reach a production of 225 tonnes of cricket powder per annum.

The EntoFarm will be a part of a sustainable production facility of food that presently is largely imported to Sweden.

The EntoFarm is using vertical farming principles in a highly modular and scalable production unit including a farming area, processing area, and staff quarters using 1,400 m2 in total. The EntoFarm will produce cricket powder, sustainable proteins from crickets where one EntoFarm can produce 200 tonnes of dry cricket powder per annum under the brand name EntoPowder. 

As a by-product, each EntoFarm produces 45 tonnes of natural fertilizer from cricket protein frass per year that can be used within tomato cultivation. 

The EntoPowder can be used in many food applications such as food, beverages, dietary supplements, pet food, and internally as a part of the salmon feed for salmon cultivation in Global Food Parks. 

The Parties also desire to mutually contribute and take part in any and all activities that promote the distribution of products under the ENTOPOWDER™ brand, and other future GBA products in Sweden. 

The obligations of the Parties began on July 25th, 2022 for a period of 10 years with the following objectives: 

With our best wishes for the success of our joint businesses, 
Yours sincerely, 

Kanitsanan Thanthitiwat 
Global Bugs Asia 

Michael Augustsson 
Global Food Parks  

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