Cricket Powder for Pet food

For the protein needs of their reptiles, birds, fish, frogs, and tortoises, exotic pet owners feed insects (typically live or dried crickets and worms). However, cricket protein for pet now has a place in the diets of both dogs and cats.

Few people are aware that more common pets’ natural diets include cricket powder. 

Cats and dogs are known to consume insects in the wild to meet their nutritional needs. This is a clever survival tactic for both obligate carnivores (cats) and foragers (dogs), as cricket powder is a great source of protein.

Cricket pet food is alternative food for your lovely pets

Over the past few years, industry leaders, consumer advocates, and pet owners have coalesced around the need for new ideas and innovations for Pet Food.

Pet food proteins largely come from the same sources as foods made for human consumption — chicken, beef, fish — though the ingredients found in pet formulas are often sourced from scraps, organ meat (offal), or bones.

Growing consumer demand for higher-quality, human-grade proteins in pet food has placed additional pressure on a food system that relies on resource-intensive livestock farming.

With the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimating that global human consumption of meat will rise by more than 100% between 2000 and 2050, the trend towards human-grade chicken or beef protein in pet food seems unsustainable in the long term.

Cricket powder delivers a protein punch and has other benefits over ingredients found in conventional pet

foods like organ meat and various chicken and beef manufacturing byproducts. It’s one of several low-calorie, low-fat “novel” protein sources that pet food producers are looking into as potential solutions to the problem of pet obesity. For dogs with food sensitivities to animal protein, which can result in gastrointestinal and dermatological issues, cricket protein for pet is another option. Proteins from cricket powder have already been investigated and commercialized; Smart Vet Group, a Thai business, is now producing wet and dry pet food with cricket protein for pet from Global Bugs.

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