Cricket Powder for Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are designed to supplement or enhance your regular diet,

Dietary Supplements containing cricket protein powder

providing essential nutrients, protein and, in some cases, cricket powder to amplify the benefits.

It is important to note that, even though marketed as a supplement, these products can be considered drugs if they claim to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent diseases. Dietary supplements come in various forms such as tablets, capsules, soft gels, gel caps, powders, bars, gummies, and liquids, and incorporating cricket powder can enhance their key components.

Global Bugs is a supplier of cricket powder,

providing a key ingredient to our partner and manufacturer of Proothie Collagen powder. This unique blend can be easily mixed with hot water to create a nutritious and flavorful beverage

Collagen is the primary protein in your body.

While you can obtain it by consuming animal foods and bone broth, or taking supplements, absorption from food sources may not be as effective as from supplements.

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