Cricket Powder for Food

Cricket powder is a 100% natural super food ingredient.

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Our EntoPowder contains so many nutrients that it is commonly considered a superfood – a distinction that really sets it apart from other protein powders. Cricket powder as a direct food ingredient can be added to many food products in general but should especially be added to traditionally low-nutrition food products like pasta, noodles, dumpling wrapper flour, bakery products, etc.

Many types of plant-based products, if not all, could use cricket protein as a booster to reach a higher nutrition content while also decreasing the CO2 footprint if they just knew about it.

Cricket powder as a direct food ingredient to protein/energy bars is a perfect combination.

Protein/energy bars continue to grow faster than other snack bars where bars with a protein content of 20% or more, shows the most interest and highest growth globally.

Adding EntoPowder as a food ingredient is very compelling

for people who don’t thrive on a strict vegan or vegetarian diet, but who don’t want to consume animals like cows or chickens.

Cricket protein can also be a direct food ingredient to RUTF (ready-to-use therapeutic food),

a life-saving essential supply item that treats severe wasting in children under 5 years old.

Our cricket powder is used to support nutrition delivery in a safe and sustainable way

following national and international demands set by food agencies on the markets where our customers are represented.

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