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Our customers can trust our products because we are certified by HACCP, GAP, GMP and we are among the first companies applying for approval according to the new EU novel food regulations. We are also the first cricket producer certified by the BOI in Thailand.

Customer Focus

We are passionate about our customers and embrace their priorities as our own. Together we will help consumers and industries worldwide lessen their impact on the planet in order to leave a sustainable world for the future generations.


We leverage our strengths and capabilities across our organisation to earn customers’ respect and loyalty. Our strategic partnerships help us to deliver access to new markets or customers, perform more efficiently and adapt more quickly than on our own.

Social Compliance

We are in the certification process to comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) to ensure that conditions in our production and processing facilities are appropriate, safe, and meet legal requirements.

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Think Green – Think Alternative Protein!

Let’s change to sustainable protein together!

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More About the Protein Shift

Bug Burger Aspirations

The movement within the alternative-protein-food industry using sustainable protein from crickets

Prophets of Protein

Innovative investors are making Thailand their base for commercialising new

Our Partners

WiseGate Consulting is the project leader for the development of the first Swedish autonomous FoodPark, which together with R&D and incubator activities creates a unique opportunity for global establishments as well. The short term goal of the project is to establish a FoodPark based on sustainability and circular thinking for the production of vegetables, salmon and crickets.

Global Bugs is a strategic partner setting up a large scale low cost cricket farm and processing facility inside the FoodPark in order to produce EntoPowder as a sustainable protein source for the salmon feed. Initially there is a need for 1,000 ton of EntoPowder the first year, increasing to 4,000 ton per year.

Michael Augustsson

CMO, WiseGate Consulting AB

Winova AB and Hygiene of Sweden AB are manufacturing functional and safe products supporting Global Bugs with innovative and safe solutions that are not only effective, but also good for our health and environment. We are following the highest standards and legislation in Europe in the fields of medical, hygiene, food and water sanitization.

With more bio-degradable and low amount of active ingredients, following strictly good hygiene practices according to HACCP, we support Global Bugs to keep the production and processing of crickets in the highest hygiene level, keeping toxic chemicals and bacteria away reaching a high quality and safe product for humans and animals.

Philip Wilhelmsson

CEO, Winova AB, Hygiene of Sweden AB

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