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Global Bugs is a leading player in the protein industry's shift from unsustainable protein to sustainable protein sourced from crickets

Cricket powder alternative protein

We oversee the entire food supply chain, from feed to packaging, including cricket farming and processing into entopowder. We also prioritizes food safety and adheres to the novel food regulations established by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The company markets its EntoPowder to both B2C and B2B clients in mainly Asia for use in various food applications, boosting nutrition content, especially protein and vitamin B12, which are often deficient in pure vegan diets.


Burger from cricket powder alternative protein

Cricket Powder for Food

Cricket powder, found in our EntoPowder, is a wholesome and natural superfood ingredient. With its powerhouse of nutrients, it stands out among other protein powders and is widely recognized as a true superfood.

Cricket Powder for Beverages

Cricket powder as a nutrition booster in beverages is more favorable in thicker liquids such as Proothies (protein rich smoothies) and yogurts as the cricket powder is not fully soluble in water. On the other hand, according to a Protein Rebel study, it suggests cricket protein could be 50% more digestible than whey protein.

Cricket Powder for Beverages

Cricket powder can enhance the nutritional value of drinks, especially in thicker liquids such as protein-packed smoothies and yogurts. This is because cricket powder doesn’t completely dissolve in water. However, a study conducted by Protein Rebel suggests that cricket protein may be even more easily digestible than whey protein, with a digestibility rate of 50% higher.

Cricket Powder for Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements enhance or complement the diet. Cricket powder, with its high protein, vitamins, and minerals, can provide numerous health benefits and a sustainable alternative to non sustainable animal-based protein. Though marketed as a supplement, products used to treat diseases are considered drugs. Consult a healthcare professional before adding cricket powder to your supplement regimen

Pet food with cricket powder as ingredient

Cricket Powder for Pet food

For the protein needs of their reptiles, birds, fish, frogs, and tortoises, exotic pet owners feed insects (typically live or dried crickets and worms). However, insects now have a place in the diets of both dogs and cats.

Cricket Powder for Pet food

Exotic pet owners rely on insects, such as live or dried crickets and worms, to meet the protein needs of their reptiles, birds, fish, frogs, and tortoises. However, crickets have now emerged as a nutritious and versatile ingredient in the diets of dogs and cats as well. As pet owners continue to seek out more sustainable and eco-friendly options for their pets’ diets, cricket powder is poised to play an increasingly important role in the premium pet food industry. 

Pet food with cricket powder as ingredient



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