Cricket Powder for Beverages

Cricket powder as a nutrition booster in beverages is preferable in thickened drinks

such as Proothies (protein-rich smoothies) and yogurts as the cricket powder is not fully soluble in water. On the other hand, according to a Protein Rebel study, it suggests cricket protein could be 50% more digestible than whey protein.

EntoPowder is great for protein shakes

as they are powered up with an excellent sustainable source of protein and other nutrients. In addition, among foods and beverages that are good for gut health, EntoPowder is a prebiotic-rich food ingredient associated with minimizing systemic inflammation.

Cricket Protein Smoothies, alternative beverage healthy and sustainable

For proteins to be absorbed and used for muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and muscle growth,

they first must be broken up into their building blocks. To trigger MPS, a protein requires a complete amino acid profile which cricket protein has. 

Furthermore, the speed at which the protein is digested in the small intestine

the speed at which the protein is digested in the small intestine – the primary site where amino acids are absorbed – is important. Higher-quality proteins have a faster absorption rate, therefore promoting MPS sooner.

As cricket powder has a complete amino acid profile and is 50% more digestible than whey,

the indications are that it has the potential to promote muscle growth to at least the same level, if not at a better level than whey protein.

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