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Join the Workshop – Insects the future of supplement protein

Insects as the future of food supplement protein

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The Thematic Workshop – Insects as the future of supplement protein 

Ms. Kanitsanan Thanthitiwat, Co-Founder and CEO of Global Bugs Asia is one of the speakers at this workshop within the GLOBAL FOODTURE online community. The goal of the GLOBAL FOODTURE project is to boost the sustainable transition of the food system globally through collaboration and innovation for the future of supplement protein.


GLOBAL FOODTURE is a project designed to boost the sustainable transition of the food system worldwide through collaboration and innovation. It develops and implements a joint internationalisation strategy that facilitates access to countries outside Europe for European SMEs. With this approach GLOBAL FOODTURE will help strengthen participants’ capabilities to adapt to food sustainability challenges. [Read more about the projectHERE. ]

GLOBAL FOODTURE, through a joint internationalisation strategy developed by European and Asian partners, will facilitate the meeting of potential cooperation partners to build up business connections and agreements. The overall long-term objective of the project is to create a worldwide network of clusters along the food value chain working to mitigate climate change.  

The GLOBAL FOODTURE project brings together the largest and strongest clusters across the agrifood value chain. The food industry is well represented by five leading European agrifood clusters who have joined forces for the first time with the aim of triggering a sustainable paradigm shift within their sector by empowering SMEs.  

The consortium is completed by two strong transversal industries clusters which close the loop bringing down sectoral boundaries and allow cross-sectoral collaboration. Altogether the partnership brings together more than 2000 SMEs as active members, and thanks to its wide network, the outreach of the project can be exponentially maximised.  

The project is led by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, which is a leading European cluster within the entire food and bioeconomy value chain, running the secretariat for the Innovation Network for Bioresources – one of the largest of its kind in the world, and the Danish Food Innovation Network on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Education and Research.  

FBCD is a full member of the Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC) and has many years of experience in developing projects to support the growth of innovative SMEs in the bioeconomy and developing new projects along the value chain. The organisation was also a founder member of the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network, a business and innovation support network comprising around 3000 personnel in 60+ offices in 60+ countries in the world, including key Asian markets. 

Under the EEN contract, FBCD has been a mentor to Asian EEN offices for six years and has an impressive track record for over a decade as the top performing office in terms of helping SMEs operate cross-border. A senior staff member of FBCD is based in Bangkok, covering China and South East Asian markets for the cluster and member companies. 

Global Bugs Asia is proud to be a part of this workshop where we will present the company and the benefits of our EntoPowder based of 100% healthy, sustainable cricket powder.

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