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Products & Services

Cricket Powder

One very convincing reason to use cricket powder as food is from a health perspective.

Some of the most convincing reasons to use cricket powder as feed are from environmental, societal, and economic reasons to replace fish- and soymeal.

Protein Bars & Snacks

We produce whole roasted edible crickets in natural flavour and Proothie Protein bar made of our cricket powder as healthy snacks.

Eating edible crickets helps support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. It is not only safe at high doses but may also reduce inflammation in the body.

Micro Farm

The micro farm is a farm using the most modern technology to breed crickets in line with global demands on food safety and secure food supply chains in general and especially the demands from EFSA.

The micro farm will form what we call the Global Bugs Ento Park that consists of 7 micro farms and a centralised processing factory where we produce our CPG products.

Ento Park

Thanks to our innovative production unit, at Global Bugs we have designed a holistic approach, from the rearing to the processing of crickets, following what we call the Ento Park methodology.

Each Ento Park will be semi automated, with 7 Micro Farms and 15,000 Ento Boxes.

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