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Products & Services

Cricket Powder

One very convincing reason to use cricket powder as food is from a health perspective.

Some of the most convincing reasons to use cricket powder as feed are from environmental, societal, and economic reasons to replace fish- and soymeal.

Cricket Snacks

We produce whole roasted edible crickets in different flavours and cricket powder as snacks.

Eating edible crickets helps support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. It is not only safe at high doses but may also reduce inflammation in the body.


Thanks to our innovative production unit, at Global Bugs we have designed a holistic approach, from the rearing to the processing of crickets, following what we call the EntoPark methodology.

Each farm will be fully automated, with 30,000 cricket boxes.

Global FoodPark

Less meat but more vegetables and fish – is, together with sustainability and circular thinking, the basis for this ongoing project.

The short term goal of the project is to establish the first Global FoodPark for vegetable, fish and cricket production in Scandinavia.

Meet our staff

” I feel passionate about my job because we share the same vision to leave a sustainable world for the future generations and we are dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment “

Aunchittha Ratchakom

Corporate Accounting & Finance

” I am proud of my work as a Quality Controller and especially our latest achievement as a member of an EU novel food dossier application to comply with the new regulations.  “

Thanaphum Muamg-Ieam

Quality Assurance