Micro Farm

The Micro Farm Concept and the Hub & Spoke Model.

With a growing world population, increasingly demanding consumers, and a limited amount of agricultural land, there is an urgent need to find alternatives to conventional meat products. Livestock production is, moreover, a leading cause of anthropogenic-induced climate change.

To mediate this, more sustainable diets are needed, with reduced meat consumption and to increase the use of alternative protein sources, where crickets are a sustainable alternative. To achieve high volumes of protein rich cricket powder with qualities to fulfill the demands from European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), sustainable practices from farming to processing of crickets needs to be implemented and at the same time having a positive impact on people, society and the planet. Therefore, Global Bugs have initiated a project called the “Hub and Spoke Model” based on a number of micro farms forming the spokes and a centralized process factory as the hub.

The opportunities in the Hub & Spoke model are:
  • Production of more than 65 tonnes of fresh crickets per micro farm and year.
  • Production of minimum 150 tonnes of high quality cricket powder per hub & spoke project and year.
  • Scalable with opportunities for nationwide establishments.


Think Green - Think Alternative protein!

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