Global FoodPark – Ramping up insect-based feed to a commercial scale.

Less meat but more vegetables and fish – is, together with sustainability and circular thinking, the basis for this ongoing project.

The short term goal of the project is to establish the first Global FoodPark for vegetable, fish and cricket production in Scandinavia.

Global Bugs EntoPowder based on crickets will be a sustainable part of the fish feed replacing fish- and soymeal.

The vision is to create an autonomous Global FoodPark for food which together with R&D and incubator activities creates a unique opportunity for global establishments – Global FoodParks.

The opportunities in this circular economy are:
  • Production of 5,000 ton of salmon/year at start, growing to 20,000 ton/year/FoodPark.
  • Production of 1,000 ton of EntoPowder/year at start, growing to 4,000 ton/year/FoodPark.
  • Production of vegetables >5 hectare.
  • By-products from salmon and vegetables will be recycled and used as part of the cricket feed.
  • 200-500 new job opportunities/FoodPark to help immigrants out of unemployment.
  • Scalable with opportunities for global establishments.


Think Green - Think Alternative protein!

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