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We have during the past six years performed farming of Acheta Domestica (House Cricket) in our old farm in Thailand. The experience and knowhow from that farm is now used in order to upscale the production using a technology to be 100% green: it uses rainwater, sunlight, natural air flow, local crickets, small amounts of energy and a minimum of green house gases and ammonia as well as a significant reduction in land and water usage, to make the most nutritious food ingredient available, based on crickets and Black Soldier Flies (BSF).

The current expansion project in Global Bugs is our EntoPark™, one of the world's first automated insect farms for breeding of Black Soldier Flies and House Crickets.

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Our products are whole crickets, cricket powder and different types of snacks such as protein bars and our crispy crickets, offered in diverse flavours.

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The ENTOPARK™ is a solution to the global search for alternative and sustainable proteins which is an issue of major importance that needs viable solutions in the short term, making insects an increasingly attractive feed option to the market.

The ENTOPARK™ will use cost-effective, automated mass-rearing facilities that provide a reliable, stable, protein rich and safe product where we control the whole value chain from organic farming used for feed to Crickets and BSF through farming, production, processing to marketing and sales.

The ENTOPARK™ will at full capacity produce a minimum of 100,000 tons of whole crickets per annum. In case the market demands higher volumes we will initially increase the height of the vertical farming rows in each farm resulting in a production increase of 50%-150%. Thereafter, we will build additional farms based on the same EntoPark™ model.

The ENTOPARK™ will be the largest farm in Thailand, constructed on 40 hectare of land producing the highest quality of crickets and cricket products. We also produce black soldier flies.