If you are interested in becomming a partner.

The Global Bugs Partnership expresses our belief that together with our partners in the value chain we can build relationships that benefit everyone. Global Bugs Partnership provides traceability and transparency – making ongoing quality improvements possible.


Wholesales Partners

Processors know where their crickets and black soldier flies come from, can identify weak spots, and systematically enhance production processes. Experts from Global Bugs are at hand to provide advice and support. Processors benefit from the consistently high quality of crickets and black soldier flies, which minimises losses during processing and storage, and maximises their return on investment.


Retail Partners

Global Bugs Partnership brings retailers significant benefits. Controlled and constantly high quality of crickets and cricket products enables retailers to build up consumer confidence in their sales channels. A constant supply of high quality products ensures daily availability. Efficient production methods in our farms in Thailand and fewer losses mean competitive prices. All this adds up to greater customer confidence and better profits for all value chain partners.